RHS Community Outreach

Community outreach

RHS supports local heroes and their families throughout the year, as needs arise.

We are excited to announce our direct service program “Breaking Barriers” which will provide specific financial aid directly to an individual, group, and/or develop mental health programs. These monies will support mental health behaviors such as PTSD, TBIs, and suicide prevention within our First Responder community. Breaking Barriers goes above and beyond our past monetary contributions for mental health support, rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment, accessible housing, and retreats. We support organizations such as Operation Restore.

Our plan is to also support youth education programs by having them participate in our events — with the goal of informing the next generation of the need to remember, honor and support our nation’s heroes, and to understand the significance of 9/11.

RHS Community Outreach marks the expansion of our mission. Since our Inaugural Patriot Day Memorial Event in 2012, we have raised over half a million in proceeds. As we raise funds throughout the year, RHS aims to provide financial assistance to meet the on-going needs of local charities and programs that align with our mission.

In addition to our 9/11 Memorial Event, we now host two annual RIDE4RHS Heroes Bicycle Benefit Rides: Memorial Day Monday and Veterans Day weekend. If you would like to organize a FUNdRAISING event to support our mission, please reach out to us!

Donations from individuals, corporations and organizations will be gratefully received at any point during the year, according to your giving schedule.

Thank you for your support!

Calendar of Events

Local non-profits we support

Since 2013 we have highlighted, supported, and advocated for the following local, like-minded non-profit organizations. Each supports and provides specific services for our local heroes, police, first responders and their families.

  • Warrior2Warrior
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  • Project Hero
  • Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch
  • Stay in Step
  • C.O.P.S Florida
  • Rise St. Petersburg, Fl.
  • Southeastern Guide Dog
  • Heroes of the St.Pete Police and Fire
  • Warrior Sailing
  • Gold Shield Foundation
  • Breaking Barriers

Friends of RHS

RHS is proud to raise awareness of the following local organizations. Together we form a community of organizations united by our shared purpose: to support our local heroes. Click on the organization name to visit their website.

Friends of RHS

RHS is proud to raise awareness of the following local organizations. Together we form a community of organizations united by our shared purpose: to support our local heroes. Click on the organization name to visit their website.

Project Hero Pinellas

Project Hero Pinellas (PHP) is the local chapter of Project Hero, a groundbreaking national non-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders affected by PTSD, TBI and injury achieve rehabilitation, recovery and resilience in their daily lives.

PHP is located on the Clearwater campus of St Petersburg College, and provides several rehabilitative weekly rides around Tampa Bay for veterans, injured veterans and helping civilian citizens – anyone is welcome to ride.

Additionally, upright and adaptive bike repairs, as well as indoor spinning is offered in the cycling center. Student veterans staff the center via scholarships awarded each semester. Funds donated to RHS on behalf of PHP, assist with funding scholarships, bicycles, repair parts, and local and national level Challenge Rides.

As part of the recently launched RHS Community Outreach Program this year, we are looking forward to working together in helping those local warriors. All funds impact local heroes through the collaboration of RHS and PHP.

Jackson In Action 83 Foundation

The mission of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children.

The foundation operates several annual programs, and other events or programs are semi-annual. The Jackson in Action 83 Foundation’s standard is to be as resolute in our mission to help military families as those families’ soldiers are to protect our freedoms. We pledge to be the best possible stewards of the generous contributions made by our donors and supporters.

We are saddened by the loss of the Founder of Jackson in Action 83 Foundation. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Vincent Jackson.

Honor Flight

Honor Flight West Central Florida is a 501-c-3 and a Hub (branch) of the national Honor Flight Network. Our Hub was Founded in 2010. Honoring War-era Veterans with all-expenses-paid “Honor Flights” to visit their memorials in Washington, D.C.

Current emphasis is on WWII and terminally ill veterans, with plans to expand the program to Korean and Viet Nam veterans in the future. We have completed 28 one day Missions (flights) and taken 2,107 War Veterans on 100% FREE trips to Washington, D. C. We have also conducted 6 Honor Flights at Home for 306 War Veterans physically unable to Fly.

Please reach out to all WWII and Korean War Veterans you know, or meet, and encourage them to apply to go on an Honor Flight!

Heaven Dropt

HEAVENDROPT was conceived during a visit to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Evergreen CEO, Sue Buchholtz was invited to the base by John Stross, co-founder of Remember Honor Support, a nonprofit that supports active military, veterans, first responders and families of the fallen. Co-founder, Jo Brower continues the mission of RHS and partners with Evergreen/HEAVENDROPT in many ways

During the visit to MacDill AFB, Sue was shown the careful examination of used parachutes prior to them being cleared for use by the military for additional jumps. Sue saw the potential to develop products from the parachutes that could not be used again. Sue’s vision was to develop a social enterprise that included employing people with disabilities, giving back to veteran organizations and recycling. This started the development of a business plan and process to make this vision a reality.

HEAVENDROPT would not exist without that visit to MacDill AFB where John introduced Sue to the parachutes at MacDill. Even though Sue is considered the founder of HEAVENDROPt, John was instrumental in its startup and stood by our side throughout the process and implementation. HEAVENDROPT was also founded with strong backing from business professionals who serve on the Advisory Board of the social enterprise, Doug Towne and Nancy Giles, who were key to strategizing and building the business plan and operations and Corey Shadd for the attention to marketing and social media who saw the vision.

Madeira Beach Fire Rescue

The City of Madeira Beach Fire Department is committed to providing high-quality, responsive services that promote the health, welfare, and safety of all who reside, work in, or visit our area of service. Our members, using safe and effective methods, strive to reduce the loss of life and property, through emergency medical services, education, fire prevention, marine operations and suppression. We shall serve the public with courtesy and respect, holding dedication to duty above personal comfort and convenience, whenever our skills and talents are needed.

City of madeira beach

Public Trust - We believe that honesty and integrity are the foundation of all constructive relationships and the basis of public trust. We will ensure that there is thorough ethical behavior and decision making.

Safety - We value safety by promoting a healthy environment, infrastructure, and lifestyle for the community.

Transparency - We will protect and preserve open and honest governance to maintain the public's trust and confidence.

Teamwork - We are committed to working together, embracing diversity and inclusion to best serve one another and the public.

Accountability - We define accountability as taking ownership and responsibility for the outcomes of our decisions, actions, and management of our resources.

Professionalism - Professionalism is dedication to excellence through integrity, requiring careful analysis of issues, free of personal biases, with a commitment to the organization and the community.

Respect - We value all viewpoints and opinions and treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Camaraderie Foundation

Camaraderie Foundation’s mission is to provide healing for invisible wounds of war through counseling, emotional and spiritual support for all branches of Post-9/11 Veterans, Service members and their families.

We provide access to mental health counseling services, at no expense, to Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their families. These warriors and their families experience Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, divorce, substance abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse and other issues.

Heroes of the St. Pete Police and Fire

The mission of the Heroes of the St. Pete Police and Fire, Inc. is to honor St. Petersburg police officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty and to provide financial support to assist police officers, firefighters and their families during a crisis or tragedy.

There have been 18 police officers and 3 firefighters down in the line of duty from the St. Pete Police and Fire Rescue forces. We have completed a Fallen Police Officer Memorial. We are working to honor our fallen firemen with a monument to show our appreciation. And we have established a fund to support police officers, firefighters and their families.

Project Transition USA

Project Transition USA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping transitioning military veterans & their families find meaningful and rewarding civilian careers. The training enables them to utilize the powerful networking & job search technology of LinkedIn in support of this goal.

Project Transition USA was the first to conduct a LinkedIn Job Search Workshop on a U.S. military base (MacDill Air Force Base, Home of U.S. Central Command — Nov. 16, 2012). They have been conducting free monthly workshops on MacDill ever since.

Warrior Sailing

Warrior Sailing provides maritime education and outreach for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans. We do so by facilitating opportunities for skill development and building partnerships between the military and marine communities. Using sailing as a platform, Warrior Sailing positively impacts the participant’s physical and mental health while reconnecting them with the camaraderie and teamwork previously found in military service.

Rise St. Petersburg

RISE will be a monument that serves as a symbol of America’s resiliency and will be dedicated to 9/11 community heroes, first responders,and all who have been affected by the events of that day. At the heart of the monument, RISE will feature one of the last pieces of World Trade Center steel to be recovered from ‘ground zero’ in New York City. The beam was unearthed during site preparations for America’s Response Monument ‘Horse Soldier Statue’ at the National September 11th Memorial Museum in New York City and given to the owners of American Freedom Distillery. This piece of steel was donated to the Warehouse Arts District Association by the Port Authority of New York in conjunction with the American Freedom Distillery who hired Sculptor Mark Aeling to design and build the monument.

Tampa Bay Cycling

Our Tampa Bay Cycling meetup group is targeted for Tampa Bay area cyclists interested in joining together to enjoy biking in the Tampa Bay area. We offer multiple biking speed classes, some shorter introductory group rides averaging from 10 to 12 mph, some rides 12 to 14, and others that are 15 to 18 mph. We are adding leaders for some even faster rides. Please check each meetup for specifics on the average speed anticipated for the bike ride. Most of our rides are as a social, relaxed, but supportive group, in other words no paceline, and trash talking. As we add faster rides some may have a paceline, read the ride description.


Special gratitude goes out to the below sponsors, whose support, year after year, gives strength to our mission.

We encourage you to view our Prior 9/11 Events program guides to view sponsors according to year. We appreciate each and every sponsor who has supported the RHS mission.

Together we Remember, Honor and Support our local heroes.

Yale Capital Corp.
Nicklaus of Florida
Rise St Pete
Duke Energy
Tampa Bay Rays
Great Bay Distributors
Veterans Funeral
Bio Safe
Gold Diamond Source
Raymond James
Pinch a Penny
Tampa Bay 10
flute and dram
bon appetit
American Airlines
Coast Guard
Paylt Away
Bright house network
Kahwa Coffee Roasters
Gorilla Events
GBTC Black
Sirata Beach Resorts
Boston Bill
The Birchwood
Trader Joe's
Rollin' Oats
Video Shampoo
Bill Edwards
ABC Bicycles
1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
Guardian Eagle
JT Wilde
Horse Soldier
Cross Junction
ROC Park
William Karns