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a message from our commander

Hi! I'd like to first thank your finding your way to our Remember, Honor, Support page and furthermore, the Commander's Corner. The letters I send are for the purpose of fostering communication among myself and those at home with like values of healthy communication, sense of well being and continued support for all first line responders in crisis. We ALL find ourselves in a constant state of flux and perceived uncertainty. Having been deployed on multiple occasions, it is important that we remain communicative, foster support among one another and remain resilient. I am hopeful you find the sentiments of my letters a testament to this very cause. In many ways, you at home are experiencing what many of us do during deployments. we often refer to constant and changing guidance as the "fog of war" and it is within that fog of war that one must seek clarity and assert to your center, be it your faith, your family and friends a combination of these or otherwise. As military members, we also are adept at finding the SIGNAL amid all of the noise. I encourage each of you to find the signal and sift it from much of the noise as best possible as we continue to deal with a "novel" event. Our First Responders are again the front line defense and include our healthcare and science communities, both in the civlian sector and our military. I encourage you to "Stay the Course" and be "tied to the mast" of reason. Please enjoy my expression of communicating what there is that is good in the world even among the conflict. God bless each and every one.